3 Basement Design Ideas for the Ultimate Man Cave

Let’s be real.

No matter how much you love your family, it isn’t always easy cohabitating with people.

This is often agreed to by men, but honestly, the ladies know that sometimes some space is exactly what’s required to relax and have a chance to breathe.

For men, the thought of having your own space to unwind after putting the kids to bed or to relax with the guys on a Saturday night – creating a man cave – is appealing.

While most men have many ideas surrounding their ideal space, not all man caves are created equal. Since this room will be getting a lot of use, it’s vital to ensure that it’s relaxed, stylish, and entertaining.

Here are three concepts to inspire you and help guide you on the right track to the ultimate man cave:

1. “the hangout”

Picture a semi-circular bar beneath a high definition, flat-screen TV, and a couple of your favorite beers on tap. There’s a poker table tucked away in one corner, a dartboard in another.

A couple of pinball machines, a pool table, another (bigger) TV, and some couches and chairs finish off the space.

All anyone wants is a comfortable place to hang out with friends – and what better way than a home bar. No more trying to figure out where to go and what to do. Rise to the top of your social ladder by building the best neighborhood bar in the comfort of your own home.

A night out on the town is expensive. Imagine the savings and convenience you’ll enjoy without the crowds or noise – just a convenient spot to get together with your buddies and watch the game you want to watch.

2. “the sports room”

For a sports enthusiast, what could be better than the quintessential sports playhouse? Every man cave has a theme, and in this case, your favorite sport will be front and center.

If you are a golfer, imagine a room in your house where you can get nine holes of golf in before you leave for work with a golf simulator, or brush up on your short game with a putting green.

The ideas are endless when it comes to tricking out your sports room. Enhance the motif and create that clubhouse atmosphere with various sports paraphernalia, “bragging rights” trophies you’ve won over the years, and your choice of sports-themed memorabilia.

Now is the time to start dusting off those jerseys, signed baseballs, and authentic venue collectibles you’ve been gathering over the years.

3. “the mantuary”

Think straightforward and casual, yet deliberate. Your mantuary is the homey den for relaxation and enjoyment for you or a group of your friends.

When you’re trying to design and build a space that looks stylish, it can be easy to forget that the room should feel good, too. It’s important that your man cave be just as comfortable as it is sleek. Yes, it’s called a man cave, but that doesn’t mean the space needs to resemble a cave.

Pick the right furniture – remember those oversized recliners you always wanted? Yep.

The purpose of this room is to contain all of your “guy stuff” in a designated area – away from other areas of the house where the décor may not be conducive to featuring your fishing gear. i.e., not conducive to what your wife thinks should be on display. If you’re a gamer, this is a perfect space for your elaborate gaming PC setup.

If you’re a movie buff, transform your basement into a deluxe home theater. Since you’ll likely be spending ample time in this room, it’s essential that it be an area that you enjoy being in.



No doubt you have a vision of your unique man cave.

Still, though, it can be difficult to know where to start. Guarantee your man cave ideas get the chance to reach their full potential by contact us at Southern Starr Home Builders, we’ve been experts in basement remodeling for years.

Turn the most underused room in your home into a space that raises your home’s value while providing you a secret paradise built into your own home. Whether you’re interested in stepping up the game in your current man cave or you’re designing your first – there is infinite potential in transforming your basement into your ideal haven, whether it’s the hangout, the sports room, or the mantuary!

Contact Southern Starr Home Builders today to discuss your options and get started in creating your man cave utopia.

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