10 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Your bathroom is no longer just a utilitarian space. It can, and should be a place of luxury and convenience – your private escape. Bathrooms are the second most commonly remodeled rooms in the home because homeowners have realized that creating a master bathroom sanctuary provides years of pleasure and comfort and increases their home’s value. We have scoured the latest and greatest bathroom design elements and compiled a list of 10 of the hottest remodeling trends for you to browse while contemplating a bathroom renovation of your own.

Clever Storage

Adequate storage space in the bathroom is essential. Now it can be more than just practical.


A cleverly designed bathroom and some innovative storage ideas can provide the best of both worlds – plenty of storage and a chic design.

Classic Whites

Create a light and bright bathroom with a white palette.

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Let your brass or gold plumbing fixtures stand out against this naturally minimal backdrop. An all-white bathroom is a classic, flexible choice – a timeless look that is adaptable to changes in style.

Three-Dimensional Tile

Your choice of three-dimensional tile can add texture and a unique style to your bathroom above and beyond a plain colored or patterned tile.


From ripples that add a wave-like look to textured, hexagonal tiles that add depth – this new trend is sure to add a glamorous change.

High-Tech Twists

Combine versatility with fun by incorporating some high-tech gadgets to your bathroom.

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Smart showers, smart toilets – energy efficiency and convenience all rolled into one. Add music and media to the mix and your bathroom becomes a high-tech showroom!

Distinctive Lighting

Choosing unique lighting fixtures can be just the finishing touch needed to complete your dream bathroom.

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With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your style and overall home décor. The days of drab ceiling lights are over!

Bright and Bold

Spice up your bathroom décor with bright and bold color schemes.

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A funky colored accent wall, a brightly painted vanity, or Mediterranean-inspired tile design could be the key to letting your inner flair show through.

Fire Features

Maximize your bathroom’s ambiance with a beautiful custom fireplace.

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Whether you opt for a wall-mounted gas unit to a wall-size stone constructed fireplace, your relaxing soak will be forever changed for the better.

Let the Sun Shine

Transform your bathroom and let the sunshine in with a well-placed window.


While strategic lighting is a must in bathrooms, those fortunate enough to have natural light will find their bathroom experience supremely enhanced.

Showers with Steel-Framed Doors

Your shower door can be not only functional but an artistic aspect of your haven with a steel-framed door.

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A custom steel-framed door can suit the needs of varying bathroom styles – from industrial to modern to traditional.

Ease of Use

Why invest in a gorgeous new bathroom if you don’t plan it for aging in place?

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With the ease of use at the forefront of your design, you’ll truly enjoy your space for years to come.

That does it – our 10 favorite trends for remodeling your bathroom. Is your interest piqued? Contact Southern Starr Home Builders to discuss bringing any of these ideas to life during your remodel. We look forward to collaborating on your new bathroom sanctuary!



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